I truly learned about the importance and need for rest and relaxation on our trip to Greece!

Mykonos, Greece

After 3 days of intense sightseeing in Istanbul, we landed and checked into the Santa Marina hotel. I also got the amazing opportunity to meet and talk to Hithrik Roshan (a very famous Indian Actor) on this trip in Mykonos!

They provided us with wine and strawberries to start our stay that we enjoyed from the breathtaking view from our room.

The next morning we had breakfast at our hotel and and rented an ATV (our mode of transportation during the trip) to get to town and back daily.

In the town, we ate lunch at one of the little restaurants. Food was not that good but view was awesome and took in a bit of the culture! We got the opportunity to witness the behind the scene shooting for a Bollywood movie that included Katrina Kaif and Hitrik Roshan. This was an experience to remember; Live lights, camera, action, and amazing Bollywood music while eating was pretty cool!

We hung out around town for awhile, walked around through the shops and headed back to our hotel on our ATV. We freshened up and went to dinner in the town we stayed at. The restaurant was called ITHAKI.

The next day we had breakfast again at our hotel and decided to go for a drive to see some of the gorgeous views of Mykonos. We hung out around town for awhile again, did some shopping and ate some yummy crepes and headed back to the hotel in our ATV.

In the evening for dinner we wanted to go back to Mykonos town to check out the nightlife so planned to have a nice candlelight dinner in town and walked around after and enjoyed the evening. This spot was another version of Ibiza but the Greek edition! We ended the night eating some late night gyros from a place that reminded us of Greek Town in Chicago.

The next morning we had breakfast again at the hotel (this time with Hithrik Roshan). We had talked to the producer the night before and he told us to meet them at the breakfast area the next morning. We ate at our hotel every morning because it was just an awesome view and great service!

Went on one last ride with our ATV and then headed to the port via car transportation that was set up by our travel agent. She also arranged a high speed ferry to Santorini, which took about 2 hours and it was a smooth.

Santorini, Greece

The last leg of our honeymoon was spent in arguably most beautiful island in the world, Santorini! This is probably one of the most romantic places on earth; simply stunning. My love for beautiful blue water and simply appreciating the sunset began on our 5 night stay to this popular island!

We arrived on the ferry and had transportation arranged to take us to our hotel. We stayed at Oia Canaves which was a boutique hotel located right in the Calderas! Below you will see the entry and the warm welcome as we arrived!

I would highly recommend anyone visiting Santorini to stay in Oia and specifically in the calderas so you enjoy the full experience of waking up to pure paradise!

We visited the famous Greek Orthodox Church located in the large main square of Oia Village which was called Panagia Platsani.

Though we spent most of our entire trip walking up and down the strip and taking in the culture. We did take a drive to visit Fira, which is the island’s capital. Since we were on our honeymoon, I preferred Oia with more of the luxurious and romantic feel. Oia day view versus night view below:

We were able to taste amazing Greek food. Our favorite restaurant was Roka. It was a hidden gem and hard to get as we had to walk through small walkways to get to the restaurant but the food was phenomenal. Had the best authentic Greek Fava here.

The most memorable experiences here were enjoying the sunsets with my husband. Our room balcony had breathtaking views. They say that the best place to catch the sunset is at the northern most tip on top of the castle. We ventured out there one night and there were big crowds but we were able to find a spot where we can just watch the sunset in peace.

Tips and Tricks for Greece

  • Rent an ATV during the stay 
  • Go early to watch the sunset 
  • A great trip if your looking to relax but also want some nightlife 
  • Taste gyros!